Monday, 20 April 2015


All good things must come to an end.... here we are at 5 am on Sunday morning at Girona airport. Bags packed full of experiences and memories. It has been great sharing this time and in many cases it is only the start of a frienship, We will keep in contact and look forward to a final session on Skype.

Day 3 - A day in Barcelona

On Friday we headed off for a day visiting different landmarks in Barcelona. The host students were in charge of providing our visitors with information about different aspects of what we saw.

We started off witth the Recint Modernista Sant Pau Barcelona

This was followed by a walk around the Sagrada Familia.

A break for lunch was followed by a tour of the Barri Gotic where we took the opportunity to take a group photo at the Columbus Monument.

A great day was had by all.

Day 4 was a time spent with the host families.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Activities based on Work-life Balance project

In Girona the project work is based on the looking at work itself: describing jobs and sharing our perceptions of them. (Images to follow)

What jobs are in our families?

First we looked at the jobs which exist in our families and which our relatives do. The aim was to get to at least 12. We looked at different aspects of them.  

Similiraties and differences in what we found are summarised in this PADLET

A research and feedback session : We read an article about the way in which Facebook has developed an original work environment in their new office  building designed by frank Gehry. Does a rooftop garden with a roller-blade fun park and a real-life Facebook wall help us work more?

Interview Wheels - or speed interviewing. 

Here students were split into two groups and given a brief.

Interviewee brief :  There is a placement in an organization which you want. It is exactly what you want and would look great on your cv. Of course there will be a lot of people who want this opportunity. You will then be interviewed by different people in the company. Prepare to answer their questions based on your experience and what you have read.

Interviewer brief:  You work in an organization. You are offering a placement in your organization. You want to find the right person. The BEST person for the job. You will now have to interview different candidates who think it is exactly what they want and that it would look great on their cv. You will have to be careful and and make sure that they are not lying to you.

** What the interviewers didn't know was that some of the interviewees had decided that they didn't want the job. Were they able to detect them from their attitude?  

Girona Project Meeting Day 1 and 2

Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th April

On Wednesday we were happy to welcome our  Hagen exchange students here in Girona. After arriving safely on Tuesday evening. Our Project Meeting has got underway to a fine start.

Activities have been scheduled to take place at the Institute building and around town.

Here we are outside the Town Hall after having been welcome to Girona by the Councillor for Education.

The morning was spent at the Institute.

Maribel Vilanova, Cap d'Estudis de l'alumnat gave an opening speech to the students emphasising the personal benefits of projects like this.

Vero, Ignasi and Nora took the visitors on a tour of our school.

The students were involved in 4 hours of project work related to the theme "Work-life Balance" (see a later post) and an activity with 3rd year students in which they explained different aspects of Catalan culture.

After lunch we headed off to the Town Hall.

Host families and students will be aiming to make sure that the students get to see different things in our city and local area.

Today Thursday has been an active day for the visiting students. The fisrt part of the morning was spent at the institute with Montilivi students participating in:
  • observing a 4th year music lesson and a 2nd Bat English lesson
  • doing an English language activity with students from 3rd and 4th year exchanging information about life in Germany and Girona
  • a Spanish lesson with 1st Batxillerat

With 3rd year students

A Spanish lesson with 1st Batxillerat students about basic introductions, personal information and food.

With 4th year students

After break the visiting students headed off to Girona for a guided tour of the city.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

When shall we meet again?

The Girona Project Meeting will be held on 14th -19th April 2015.

We are looking forward to having you at our school and visiting our city.

Resultat d'imatges de institut montilivi
Resultat d'imatges de institut montilivi

Resultat d'imatges de girona

We will  gather in Girona to continue with our exchange activities. The Girona project Meeting has different objectives and is full of activities of all different kinds:

Project Activities - Work-life balance
While we were in Hagen we looked at how we spent our time and what strategies there are to help us get organized. Now we are going to look at the topic of work and our perception of the different opportunities which we have at our disposal.

Cultural Activities
We are very keen to share cultural information and to be able to understand each others cultures. Our BAT  students will be your guides to all things Catalan, with help from ESO 3 and 4, who will be curious to ask questions about life in Hagen. A guided tour will provide the visiting students with the history of Girona.

Language Activities
English is our language of communication and all the above activities allow us to practise and increase our knowledge as we find ways of explaining things to each other.