Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How it all started

I think it was last year that I met my colleague Susan McBride on eTwinning when we were looking for partner schools to do a skype session with. The session itself went well but the regional internet broke down in Girona and we thought that it we wouldn't chat after all but the students used their own mobile phones so we were saved and had a great time. This year we are planning our first exchange which we are really happy about as it is such a great experience for everybody taking part - students and teachers alike.

We have decided to do an eTwinning project about the topic "Work-Life-Balance". The focus of the project is to enhance students' communicative skills in English and to create an awareness of how they spend their time. The visits are scheduled for December 2014 (in Hagen) and April 2015 (in Girona).

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